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Water Pump Installation And Repair Expert

Are you searching for a highly skilled plumber who can handle all plumbing works, including water pumps? Well, look no further. We are professionals and highly skilled in water pump installation and repairs, which is a service that is hard to find in Malaysia. Our water pump services are all-inclusive, which means we offer advice, offer help in every step (from choosing a water pump to system maintenance), and so on.  

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The Brands We Support And Recommend

At K1 plumbers, we are proud to support the following brands:

  • Joven  Pump Installation/Repair

  • Tsunami  Water Pump Installation/Repair

  • Grundfos Pump Installation/Repair

However, before you buy any water pump, it is wise to consult with our professionals. Their help will help you buy one which complements and fits your installation and demand.

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    Our Works

    Onsite Inspection Fee

    1. We charge an onsite inspection fee of RM 30 for our team to troubleshoot and check your problem in-depth.
    2. We go through the problem step by step, determining the source and providing a solution as well as a price.
    3. The onsite inspection fee will be waived if you're okay with the price.
    4. If you don't want us to perform the task, we will only charge you for the onsite inspection fee of RM30. The onsite inspection fee will cover the cost of our plumber's time, effort, and transportation expenses.

    Our Services

    We are a team of highly skilled and trained local plumbers, specialized in water pump systems. We guarantee all our clients the best and professional Customer service, service delivery, and information delivery. We work hard to ensure your system is well maintained, installed, and repaired. Below are the services we offer in Malaysia:

    Water Pump Repair

    Just like any mechanical device, water pumps require constant maintenance and repairs. The truth is that there is nothing as frustrating as seeing murky water from your faucet.

    In fact, this is an emergency that demands the services of a professional. Through our 24/7 service delivery and consultation, we will help you solve that problem.

    Water Pump Installation

    We have worked on different properties and system scales: from residential to commercial properties. Every worksite offers its own challenges and demands. Furthermore, it also demands different designs when it comes to installation.

    As such, we help our clients choose the best water pump on the market that matches their needs. Since our plumbers are well trained and highly skilled, we guarantee a seamless and safe water supply.

    Why A Water Pump

    If you are looking for stable water supply, then you need a water pump. Most of us will start to appreciate its benefits the moment it starts to act up.

    Furthermore, they help in water conservation while cutting down the water bill. In a nutshell, you get water on demand; there is no wastage or interruptions.

    They are highly beneficial to those people living in high rise properties. High quality installation will not only ensure the system is working well around the clock but comes with little maintenance requirements.

    Why Choose Us

    Reputable and Experienced

    We have been active in this business for many years and we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle all kinds of plumbing issues. When you work with us, rest assured that you have hired the best. Our clients are delighted with our work. We always use the best tools for the job. We treat all jobs with utmost professionalism, whether big or small.

    Properly Insured

    An accident can happen at any time, even during a simple plumbing repair job. This is the reason, we protect our clients from any liability by having complete insurance. If you want proof, we also offer insurance proof upon request. You can validate our insurance before hiring us for any kind of plumbing services.

    Fully Certified and Licensed

    We have all the required licenses and certifications to offer plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur as well as surrounding areas. Every single plumber working in our company is well experienced and professional, and they also have the necessary licenses. When you hire us, you are hiring the best plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur.

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